The Reference Ex Solution
Reference has been developed in cooperation with key contributors within the oil & gas industry, focusing on past experiences to create a new generation explosion proof torch range. The implementation of induction technology and internal processing routines has resulted in strategic improvements, eliminating key issues commonly experienced with handheld lighting equipment both on and offshore. The Reference solution is easy adaptable, covering both operational needs and supplementing any requirements for emergency lighting equipment.

Increase Safety
Introducing a Zone 0 ATEX certified flashlight, combined with the unique Zone 1 certified charger, allowing installation of charging stations within a hazardous area, and closer to where the action takes place. Combined with an emergency light activation feature, make the system more available and easier to detect during a power outage.

Improve Reliability
The absence of exposed metal conductors due to the induction based charging process, improves overall protection against the elements, eliminating contact problems due to water, oil, mud, and corrosion.

Reduce Maintenance
An embedded processor regularly performs condition tests on internal components, and report back critical faults within the system. Batteries are regularly maintained by the system, preventing reduction of cell capacity, and prolonging overall life span of the unit. The overall maintenance features offers an independent system with no need for any spare parts.

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Our goal is to present the new benchmark of REFERENCE for industrial handheld lighting equipment, by offering the most sophisticated explosion proof solution in the market.

The concept and technology has been refined for almost 4 years, with the main focus of eliminating current operating limitations surrounding existing alternatives.

REFERENCE is a specialized division within HERNIS Scan Systems - A world leader within high quality Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV) and Visual Integrated Systems (V.I.S), offering a new visual concept based on integration into various onboard computer based systems.